Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Mandatory diagnoses when renting a property

The mandatory diagnostics

The "Noise" diagnosis must be provided by the seller since June 1, 2020, when his property is located in a zone of exposure to noise from airfields. The information must be provided at the time of the sale of a property for residential use or mixed use, professional and residential, or a building plot.

To find out if the property is affected, it is advisable to consult the noise exposure plan. This plan is available online on the GĂ©oportail website. It is also possible to go to the town hall to consult it.

This diagnosis is to be completed by the seller on a form that must be attached to the technical diagnosis file. This document must include:

  • - A clear and precise indication of the zone
  • - The address of the online information service allowing the noise exposure plan to be consulted
  • - The mention of the possibility to consult the noise exposure plan at the town hall of the municipality where the building is located

The information is only indicative. However, if the document is not present in the technical diagnosis file, the buyer can ask for the resolution of the sale, or a reduction of the price.